5 ways to promote your personal training business

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Before you begin promoting your personal training business, define your target training client. Everyone could benefit from training but who do you want to work with? Who will benefit most from the skillset and knowledge that you have? You should tailor your promotion approach to that ideal client. Once you figure this out, promoting your business will be easier.

With that person in mind here are 5 ways to promote your training services to them.

1. Social Media

Many prospective clients go to social media, specifically Instagram, searching for information about training. Help these people find you by creating a profile where you post tips or workouts for your target training audience. In your social media profile, be clear about (1) your services, (2) the results your clients will achieve, and (3) a link to your personal website.

2. Personal Branded Website

As you promote yourself on different platforms, you’ll want to direct people to a single online hub. Use your website to provide information, availability, and email access (or better yet, direct chat). Social media promotion is useful, but you don’t have complete control over the platform. You want something that will be yours, preferably with your brand in the name. Having your own website expands your reach. Potential clients can find you through a Google search, and current clients can refer their friends directly to your website.

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3. Write a Guest Blog Post

What content is your target training client already consuming? Chances are, your potential client visits specific websites for that information. Oftentimes these websites are willing to post content written by an industry expert. This is where you come in—you have unique knowledge, they have the audience. Find these platforms and look for editor contact information. Email and introduce yourself, your occupation, and your area of expertise. Offer to write something for them about a topic that is relevant to their page.

4. Client Referrals

Have your clients market for you. The most powerful marketing campaign is a personal referral. Every few months, run a client referral promotion. Encourage your current clients to think about which of their friends or colleagues would want to train with you. Let your current client know that if their referral purchases X training sessions, you will give them a complimentary session. Promotion, paired with excellent service, encourages your existing clients to continue to refer people to train with you. To make the referral process seamless, write the email for your clients to share with others and include a link to your website.

5. Host Group Workouts

What brands does your ideal client wear to workout? Do these brands have storefronts close to where you train? If so, try reaching out to the story and offer to host a fitness class in-store. Many of these brands are looking to plan events to bring people into the store. Hosting an event gives your potential clients a taste of working with you. Talk about your services before or after class.

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