Stepping into independent training

· Amy Image · Unsplash

Last year, I transitioned from training at a commercial gym to training independently. It was hard. Here’s what went into my thinking and how I did it.


  • I could earn more for individual sessions while still charging less than local gyms
  • I would be in control of my business and schedule
  • I could help people who might otherwise not set foot in a gym
  • I could make more money with fewer clients
  • I would have the flexibility to do a combination of online and in-person training


  • Travel Time: I wasn’t going to rent space from a gym so I added travel time between sessions in my session rate.
  • In house education opportunities: The gym I was working out of had frequent opportunities for Continuing Education Credits (CECs) in house. I am certified with PTA Global and they offer many CECs, I had to be more conscious of signing up for CECs on my own. Whoever you are certified with should offer CECs.
  • No co-workers to bounce ideas off of: I enjoy troubleshooting clients with fellow personal trainers. Leaving my facility, I was aware I would need to be more intentional in connecting with other trainers.
  • Marketing yourself: Marketing myself is apart of personal training—in a gym or independently. The way I marketed myself would change. I no longer had the luxury of being in a space (gym) where people are alread looking for a good workout. Instead, I reached out to previous clients who stopped training with me due to pricing issues and marketed my certifications digitally to the related populations.

Bonus: Why we started Trainer Vision

The gym I was at had an internal business management service. As I transitioned to training on my own, I tried out a few of the business management tools that existed and was frustrated by what I found. My move was gradual, so I didn’t want to pay a large monthly fee for one client while I built my training business. I also didn’t relate to the features I was being offered on the apps. I wanted to focus on programming for my clients. As I shared with Kofi how I ran my personal training business, his responded: “Oh, what if I just built an app for you?” … cue draw drop.

Just need a website? We can help.