Writing a bio for your fitness website and Instagram

· Amy Image · Amy Gumbs

For Instagram

Your Instagram bio can serve as a platform to drive traffic to your website or to encourage potential clients to direct message you in the app. You have limited characters to convey who you are, what you deliver, and why someone should reach out to train with you. Use them wisely.

Example Instagram screenshot. Name: "Amy / Trainer / NY and Online", Bio: "I help women build confidence and strength so they can love themselves again. Click below to get stronger and have fun doing it👇🏼"

A few tips: Your name should be in your user name or training business name. Use the name section to highlight your services, in the photo above the name line reads “Amy | Trainer | NY and Online”. That way, when someone searches they’ll learn your name and what you do before clicking your profile

Your bio should be clear about:

  • Who do you work with
  • How you help them
  • A specific call to action

For the call to action, you don’t want to settle for “click the link below”. Instead, explain why someone should want to click the website link or why they should want to direct message you. In the example above the call to action is “click the link below to get stronger and have fun doing it”.

Great! They clicked the link and they’re on your website’s landing page—now what?

For your website

  1. Client brainstorm: Who are you writing your bio for? This can be multiple demographics but specializing will help you to stand out. Once you have this client profile, try to write for them. Focus your language on helping them achieve their specific goals.
  2. Where: Be clear about what you offer, are you an online coach or in-person trainer.
  3. Photo: Including a photo of yourself allows you to connect with your potential client before meeting.
  4. Mission statement: Help your potential client get a sense of who you are and why they should train with you. To help get the process, in four words what do you want your client to remember after reading your bio? A formula for writing mission statements: “I help (DEMOGRAPHIC) to (OVERCOME CHALLENGE) so they can (CLIENT’S DESIRE).”
  5. Certifications: Include any that would be appealing to your ideal client (i.e. training moms you’d want to show you have a pre/postnatal cert)
  6. Call to action: You need to be able to contact someone after they have checked out your website. Make a clear opportunity for them to reach out to you. On our website builder, the CTA is “get in touch” where they can leave their name, email, phone number, and a message.